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A must read!!

Barnabas on Facebook™ 🚑🚑🚑🚑🚑🚑🚑🚑🚑 Naked truth!! *Strange things we do in Africa in the name of “It’s Our Culture* *1. We care more for the dead than we do for the living!* *2. We spend more to bury a person than we do to save their life.* *3. We will not travel to go see… Read More A must read!!


Easter Details°°°MUZOORA BARNABAS°°° Why is the Resurrection so Important? My friends, I want you to remember the message that I preached and that you believed and trusted. You will be saved by this message, if you hold firmly to it. But if you don’t, your faith was all for nothing. I told you the most… Read More ABOUT EASTER

Ash Wednesday<>

Many Pipo May nt be aware of the importance of the lent period. <> >The lent period begins with the ASH WEDNESDAY wea cross marks from palm ash are used as asign of STARTING THE MOST SIGNIFICANT DAYS IN THE REMEMBERANCE OF THE SUFFERING OF OUR SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST. >> lent period helps one to… Read More Ash Wednesday<>